Consulting Services Offered

solutionsE-rate Provider Services offers a wide array of services, specifically tailored to the needs of service providers within the E-rate program.

  • Sales Support & Lead Generation
    • Target identification – E-rate Provider Services will identify and review RPFs and conduct custom searches on filed Forms 470 to produce qualified leads.
  • Compliance
    • Working together with your sales and support team, E-rate Provider Services helps to ensure continued compliance with all program rules.
  • Bid & Proposal Review
    • E-rate Provider Services can work with sales teams to identify areas of ineligibility within prospective RFPs ensuring responses are within program guidelines. Our expert staff will assist with E-rate specific language, helping your customers get funded faster.
  • USAC/SLD Forms Preparation
    • E-rate Provider Services can assist with the completion of various USAC forms, including service substitutions, items 21, SPACs, and extensions.
  • A/R and Invoicing Support
    • E-rate Provider Services can work with internal accounting staff and the SLD to resolve issues that are delaying timely payment for delivered products or services.
  • Appeals
    • E-rate Provider Services can write appeals to the SLD or the FCC, or work with your legal department on COMAD (COMmitment Adjustment Decisions) matters.
  • Eligibility Review
    • E-rate Provider Services can review your products with the SLD to determine eligibility, including cost-allocating manufacturer’s products and maintaining up to date global service substitutions.
  • Training
    • E-rate Provider Services offers comprehensive training to educate staff with the knowledge to successfully navigate E-rate program rules, including what can be done, what must be done, and what must be avoided.