network-spheresWho we are

E-rate Provider Services (EPS) is a full service firm, offering a wide range of customized consulting services aimed at assisting service providers navigate the complex program rules, determine eligibility, and identify prospective new business opportunities.

How we can help

As your specialty consultant, our goal is to provide the information and expertise necessary to build and grow your E-rate business. We will strive to help you increase sales, lower your risk and improve efficiency while maintaining compliance with the many complex rules of the program.

EPS can assist with program compliance document review as well as proper completion of all necessary USAC forms. As recognized and respected E-rate industry experts, we can directly formulate initial appeals to the SLD and FCC regarding unsuccessful applications thus avoiding costly and time-consuming legal services. We can work with your legal department on COMAD (COMmitment Adjustment Decisions) matters. We can assist with invoicing support, working with your accounting staff and the SLD to assure prompt payment for services rendered and minimize financial back-log. Our well established relationships with USAC and the SLD ensure an open line of communication should issues or problems arise with a particular provider or application.

We offer services tailored to your specific needs and situation – whether they are short-term targeted concerns or long-term contracts for on-going maintenance or monitoring requirements.

E-rate Provider services is an affordable, essential resource for any service provider receiving E-rate funding aimed at improving or expanding their current business with the E-rate program. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.