About F5

F5 makes sure your app remains available, accessible by the right people with access to the right information, and ultimately ensures the integrity of your data and brand. It’s our long history of understanding all aspects of the app—how it’s constructed, how it operates, and its supporting infrastructure—that enables us to deliver solutions, services, and products that protect against the primary risks associated with your apps—no matter where they reside. And, with the latest threat intelligence and access to security experts, you gain the support and confidence needed to navigate today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

F5 Helps Education Institutions in the Following Areas:

App Security: Over 80 percent of data breaches now occur at the app level. Protecting student and faculty data and your institution requires integrated security solutions to defend critical areas of risk.
Traffic Management: Load balancing, security, performance, and management services enable fast, uninterrupted access to applications, wherever your students and faculty are accessing them from.
Cloud: F5 provides the broadest application services portfolio to meet your diverse needs, speeding up your move to a multi-cloud architecture—while ensuring app resiliency, performance, and security.
Automation & Orchestration: F5’s Automation Toolchain delivers a process-driven approach to automation. Use the components of the Automation Toolchain to eciently provision, configure, and manage the services that support your apps.